The Slipshod Swingers and "Brokeback Iraq"

Catch the new songs from Slipshod.

The first is Brokeback Iraq. My friend Kris asked for a protest song. This was what came to me. It was done in about 6 takes. Each time I sang a different verse. By the time I got to the last verse, I knew what I was talking about and re-did the first three. Panauh did the music. I sang like Johnny Cash.

Click here or on music bar to hear Brokeback Iraq.

Brokeback Iraq / The Slipshod Swingers


Here are two other songs for your listening pleasure. They will be on the new album. Recorded over and over, until they sound tasty enough.

"Hollywood Boulevard, Version 2" and "Bob Marley"

Guitar & Vocals: Pirooz
Guitar: Brett
Percussion: JP

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