Slipshod Stirs Music: hollywood B

Yeah, so this song isn't done and Slipshod will do another version on Friday. I am in love with it though. It's so dirty and sexy.

Here are a couple lines:

I got my Fendi bag motherfucker don't you know I look good! I got my Pontiac Trans Am don't you know I look good on Hollywood Boulevard...on Hollywood Boulevard...

We also have the new line-up complete. I will be playing rhythm guitar, John Lennon styley. Brett will play textural lead. Petey Pete will play bass and guitar. John Posatko will play djembe. And we have so many great singers: Timeray, Belinda, Ashleigh, and Catherine. I am so thankful to have this new line-up for the MARS record. It is going to be a great one. And if you haven't heard the first song, RTD, then go to the previous post.

In the meantime, here is the rough shot of Hollywood Boulevard. Raw and on the 7th take. (The Swingers started grumbling when I took it to 10 and kept stopping, because Belinda's gorgeous voice kept making me forget who the hell I was.)

Click here or on music bar to hear HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD

Not everyone is on this particular track. Here they are as I recollect them:

Vocals: Belinda, Ashleigh, Timeray, CatherineDjembe: JP
Bass: Petey Pete
Guitar: Me

I will see you all you Swingers on Friday at 730. Yippee Kiya...afterwards we can all get tattoos on Sunset and play pool. That way we can get all the youngins into the spot, yo!

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