TSC: Through the Infinite and Back Only to Be Dust Again

I. A Mental Odyssey

II. At Church

III. The Love of My Life

Quick Links:

Byron Katie
Saadi of Shiraz
Coalition of Concerned Legal Professionals
Judgment DayMars 2005**

*Quick Links are listed for educational purposes. I am not a proponent of any of the spiritual texts, legal organizations, or persons referenced. Please follow your own gauge in all things.

**October 30th is a very big day. Mars will be at her largest diameter in the sky. Ready those telescopes, explorers. She is here.


Tracey said...

Your writing is as beautiful as you are.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

This is a gorgeous compliment. I can see its mini-skirt. Maybe, a cute halter top. Some Dolce Gabanna's. Yes, I am looking as good as this compliment. Fine. Like a grain of sand.

Love You Philly Girl,