A Star Again

I blew into my soul one breadth. This hot toxic avenger was the beginning of my life. I awoke 3 days later. I was in a room. It was white. I called for help. No one came. Then I tasted my breadth. It was new. It was a car. I was a Honda Accord. Hello. Now I’m a pit-bull. Hello. Now I’m a monkey. Hello. Now I’m you. Hello. Now I’m just a star again. That gets 2 hello’s. One for the Sun, the other for me. Right in the mirror. Hello. It’s okay. Now we can smile. Hello. Hello.


Stacy Elaine said...

hello. i am a fax machine. i am impressed with buttons. i like the sound of knowing something is being moved underneath me. words. spaces. a place for documentaries. hello. i am the entangled. you can only imagine my voice as the connection crackles. hello. some of my friends call me faxy, cause i'm so foxy. some might even call me an impressionist. but that's silly, i'm a fax machine, and office accessory, that looks good with a pair of legs.

Dylan Hock said...

Paint my prick brick red and throw me in the oven. What's that sourpuss for? Do you have a dollar I can leave with the attendant? I've lost my buttons, and the curtains are torn.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Is this a poem, Dylan? What does it mean?

Dylan Hock said...

Hey Pirooz,

it's only writing. What are your's and Stacy's? Did I fuck up some unknown collaboration between you two? What do yours' mean? What's all this hello? Hello.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Just like yours. Except that I think you picked up some psychic stuff. I was just wondering if you were aware of it. Amazing stuff, Dylan. You're writing is from the heart, that when I see it, it makes me do a double-take, because I see a mirror.

My piece is just a child's voice I've been playing with. The character is just saying hello to the things he has been. He says hello to being a car, a pitbull, etc.

It was tasty for me to demonstrate the idea of reincarnation.

Your pieces (Stacy and yours) were both nutritous and delicious.


Dylan Hock said...


So happy for you, for your move, your art, your friends, your feelings, your heart. We are two sides of the same coin and have more in common than I think you know. We should talk more! I will be out west myself by next summer. Things are happening, we're all on the move--I see it all, and so do you guys, let's hit it! let's do it!

So happy to have your art in our home. That makes two now. Hoping to score some more. Will send payment very soon. Told Stacy both of your works are worth so much more, I feel like Im stealing, but I know you are not attached. Keep it up. I really like the stuff I've seen lately. Will continue to buy. Love to you Pirooz. All the luck in the world, you've got the skill guts and determination already. Anything I can ever do to collaborate, or help with any ventures, count me in friend.


Dylan Hock said...

PS: Fill me in on the psychic end. Not sure, but my mother is a Native American spiritual healer in New Mexico. I think you and her would have a lot to talk about.

Stacy Elaine said...

very nice. very nice. yes.