Gorbachov Brings the Pain

Gorbachov Hunting
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I woke up last night to the squeals of some strange beast. Lo and behold it was a tiny mouse caught in the gaping mouth of Gorbachov (the cat).

Gorby shook the tiny critter in his mouth before spitting him out onto the floor. The mouse (AKA Jerry), then proceeded to squeal and stuck its four little paws into the wind.

Gorbachov satisfied the Cold War was over laid on his haunches to admire his kill.

“Meow,” he says to me.

“Yes,” I agree. “The Cold War is over.”

Then Jerry pops up and scurries 3 steps before Gorbachov swats him down, clamps him between his jaws, gives him a couple quick shakes, and spits him out again.

Jerry, unafraid of repeating himself for entertainment, squeals and plays possum.

"Don't believe this Western doddle maker!" I shout to my feline friend. "Bring the pain!"

Gorbachov not one to sway under pressure, took this command like any true Bolshevick - off into uncharted territory.

I managed to get a snapshot for posterity. The headline in Moscow was aptly titled, "Cold War Just Beginning."

We admired the photo together.

"Meooow," Gorbachov smiled.

"Yes," I laughed. "Glasnost is one squeal away."


Sean Mac said...

man, i always feel bad for the mouse. thomas takes them down like nobody's bizness. i don't want to be a mouse. if i can, i move right past the revolution, right into the goods of glasnost, and put that mouse out the back door.

Anonymous said...

ha Ha! I hear that. Well, the wonderful thing about Gorby is that she is not smart enough to kill the mouse. They play for hours. No one gets hurt.