Light #1 *Painting For Sale*

Light #1
Originally uploaded by piroozkalayeh.

Buy it here!

This is the first in a series of 14.

I will put the others up as they're completed.

The starting bid is $1.

It is on a 12 x 16 Montaval Natural White (Cold Pressed and nice to touch).

I will personalize it with a poem on the back to the lucky winner.




JWG said...
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Stacy Elaine said...

This is lovely Pirooz. I especially like the flashlight. It would be great if the winner of the painting, wrote a response to your work and you could post it here. A sort of collaboration.

Wonderful. Keep it coming.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Yeah, it's an interesting piece. I might have to doodle with it some more. Some more excitement to add.

This will be funny for the buyer. They will be like, "Wow, it's better than I thought. It looks different."

Or, I might just save the doodles for the one I do tomorrow. My goal is to make each piece answer one another. Motifs may repeat, or be omitted. I can't wait to see the color scheme change as the 14 are completed.

I bid on your last painting. Someone outbid me. We'll just do an exchange. Tell me what you want. I'll make it for you.

It might even be more fun to work on 2 pieces together. Send me something you start. I'll do something, send it back, you finish, then send it to me. I'll do the same for the one I start.

That would be fun.

Let me know.



Stacy Elaine said...

yeah, that sounds great. lets do that.

i'll try and cook something up this weekend.

my phone is temporarily dead. eek. we had a powersurge that wiped out my charger. i'll be in touch via email, as i'm too lazy and overworked right now to find a new charger.

Anonymous said...