Tao Lin Reading in Los Angeles

Michael helped with the filming of this video. It was shot in HD on a Flip cam my brother got me for my birthday. I filmed some other stuff on another camera. That camera didn't shake too much. This one shakes at times, but I like the video quality better.

Tao and I talked about the SHOPLIFTING FROM AMERICAN APPARELL MOVIE before the reading. He sounded excited about the concept for how we would do it. He also handed me a mini-keg of Heineken and walked in circles in a supermarket while I followed him and talked about it. Then we went to dinner after the reading and I chatted with Sandy and another of Tao's friends.

I also got to meet Ken Baumann for the first time. He was a nice person. I hope we can hang in the coming weeks. I'd love to have him act in SHOPLIFTING.

Now I'm grading essays until I get tired.

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blacklogic said...

What are the rules in the country of American apparell movies.