Shoplifting Update & Subway Brawl

I am almost done writing Shoplifting. At least a rough draft of it. I really like it. I read some of it to Grace and Ken. They didn't seem to really like it. Or maybe they liked it, but couldn't seem to make out what was going on. It's definitely a different kind of movie. We'll see what happens as a finish. Only a couple more days.

This is a YouTube movie Ken sent me. It's of a girl getting a beat down in Korea. I can't understand what anyone is saying. If you know someone who is Korean ask them to translate. If not, pretend this is what they say:

"Give me your seat!"


"I'll teach you a lesson then!"

I don't know what to make of the suicide or what you would call this next video. Please don't watch if you get easily squeamish.


倦怠 said...

both of these videos really disturbed me. they made me unhappy. also, i didn't not like your script. like i mentioned about that one part that i liked, i really liked that. i thought it was brilliant. :O

i am eating a chicken burrito from el paso tacqueria right now. they usually serve it with some pico de gallo on the side, but they didn't today. i haven't been to that restaurant in like, over a year. i went there today because i parked my car in my old neighborhood, El Barrio, because it's easy to find parking there.

anyway, things have changed. no pico de gallo with my dinner burrito is one of those changes.

yak sox said...

I heard about that subway vid but I thought it got taken down. I think I would've exploded and punched out the old woman if I had been there. Apparently at the end the girl is ringing her dad on the phone and yells I hate korea!

jwg said...

It is good to be bald.

Didn't watch the second video bc I am squeamish.