The Slipshod Swingers Back in Full Force!

I have started work on the new Slipshod Swingers album. The first song is being edited now. It's called "Tootsie Pop." I think it sounds okay so far. It might get better with age.

I will put up a version tomorrow.

Working on this album has been okay so far. Panauh is producing. I just write the songs and he tells me to keep playing or stop or try it again or says things like, "Yo! That was pitchy!" and that makes me feel like I'm on American Idol, so I'm cool with that.

This coming Sunday I'm supposed to do something with this song I wrote a couple months ago. Panauh said he liked only one portion of the song and I'm supposed to write a song with only that portion. I liked the whole thing, but you can't argue with Panauh. He's too cute.

The song we work on next week is called "Shanghai Cowboy." Here is the rough draft. Panauh likes from 2:33 onwards.

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