A Good Place to Be Buried

My aunts took me to see the natural beauty of Korea yesterday. We drove around looking for the perfect setting for us to take photos.

They preferred having a range of mountains in the background with water in front. Funnily enough, this is the best scenario for someone to be buried in Korea.

"It is also the best place for a home," Sohee explained.

"Would you get a home here," I asked my mother, pointing to a pink- bricked place all alone on our right.

"No," my mother said. "It's too lonely."

"I agree," Sohee nodded.

I looked at the house. It did seem like a pretty lonely existence. At the same time, it would be fun if I was a fisherman.

It wasn't that bad of a view to wake up to in your backyard.

One of my uncles stayed behind while we went on this trip. As it was explained to me, the men in the family did not interrupt "sister time." That seemed pretty cool to me. I hope my brothers and I got "brother time" when we get older.

"You might," Sohee thought aloud.

"Yeah, it would be nice," I agreed.

"Yeah," she nodded.

This random photo is a picture I took in a movie theater in Korea. I had time to kill between meetings and decided to catch a flick. The movie wasn't worth mentioning, but I was taken by the new menu items in Korea. They now have garlic popcorn, potato wedges, and two drinks for $9 (9,000 won). That's pretty impressive. It's also a shame. I have given up this kind of food. I think the only time I'll have fries again is if I'm at the beach.

Now it's back to the kim chi on my plate.

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