Working Towards Emancipation

Sohee and I are about to go workout. We are doing this everyday for a while. Sometimes it's just me alone. I head to the YMCA. I watch the Food Network while I run. If I'm lucky, it's a cake off or something. Yesterday was a cake off. I'm not sure what today will be. So far, I've cleaned the house for our realtors. They are trying to rent out our place from March 1st, since we're leaving for Korea.

I'm a bit nervous about going to Korea. I don't want to work necessarily, but I figure it's something to do for the next five months while I wait for decisions from PhD programs in the United States. Most people say it's a good idea. It might be. It definitely makes sense monetarily. Who knows? I might just find something new in Korea.

I am excited about seeing Loren, JIm, and Kayvon. That'll be fun. I have never been to Thailand or Hong Kong. That will be fun. I am also supposed to go to Bali with Sohee. That's been one of my dreams since I listened to Porno for Pyros "Good God's Urge." I really like that album's feel. I also like that my favorite painter lived there. I hope they have a Paul Gauguin museum. I will be there a lot. I'll take pictures too.

As far as the movie front, editing is being done. I'm just waiting patiently. I'll start working on a couple more films in the future. Maybe. I'm still recovering from the first one. We'll see what the next project is in Korea. As of now, the idea is to do a record with the Swingers. I've got Pro Tools, and MBox, and an Rode NT1-A condenser microphone. Hopefully, this is the best album yet. There is even talk of touring with the record. I'd be down for that. A short tour. 12 cities.

Now I'm just letting things set for a moment. I'm packing and shit. All that wonderful moving paraphernalia. Speaking of which, I'm late in getting this storage place. I better hit it.


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