Los Angeles - Winter 2010, Part One

I had to make a trip to L.A. to do my civic duty. That's right. I am on jury duty. I am actually making this post as I wait. Apparently, if I make it to 4:30 p.m. in this room without being called for the case, I will have fulfilled my obligations this year.

Yesterday, Panauh and Dez - fresh off working on the new Bone Thugs & Harmony record - were hard at work on the first single off the new Slipshod record. Panauh is producing and engineering this whole thing. I told him to just boss me around, so that's what he did.

It's good to have a boss.

I went to Guitar Center on Sunset. I got the Samurai fixed up for the new record (pictures soon). John was nice enough to clean her up and put a new pick-up under the bridge. Then I looked at my dream guitar (see above).

I love visiting Paiman at Bravo. We get to fly remote control helicopters and pretend to have won his Emmy.

Yes, I am the guy with no hair now. I shaved it all off after the mohawk.

"You'll have to grow hair again, so people won't think you're a gangster," Sohee told me.

"But I am a gangster. I am the gangster of love."

"That true," Sohee giggled. "You are also a little scary looking."

"Love can be scary."

"You are such a nerd."

"Yes, I am the gangster of that too."

I like Panauh and Paiman's facial expressions. Someone at the office said we looked nothing alike, but I can see all my ancestors in each of them.

Panauh's new Facebook photo (wink, wink).

The way Panauh looks for ten hours a day.

I have been running around West Hollywood in the mornings. It's much nicer than I remember. I think I'd like to move to this area in August, if I get into USC. That would be nice.

I could visit Kermit.

I could have Kim Chi.

I would live somewhere around Lexington and Vista.

I would run and play tennis in Fuller park.

I would buy things at the Farmer's Market every morning.

I would buy Sohee Jimmy Choo pumps and Marc Jacobs bags on Melrose. I can see it pretty clearly.

Earlier today, Sohee told me that she visited some website that tells your future based on your birthdate and blood type.

"They said I am going to have a horrible year," she told me on the phone.

"Bullshit!" I said. "How do you know? Those things are completely random. Besides, even if the outcome is that you don't get a job or whatever horrible thing your could imagine, it won't be bad - even if I die or something -"

"Oh, no! If you die, that would be bad."

"Not necessarily. It might be exactly what needs to happen. The world is already the way it is. You can't change it because you don't want something to happen. Even the worst in your mind, will just be a story that you haven't faced. After you face it, you might not see any possibility as bad, and then the future will cease to matter. Then, who knows? You just might start living."

"That's true."

"Yeah, I don't believe those fucking things. It's just numbers put into an equation to try and generate hits and sales. I would stay away."

"I am not going back."

"Did you put in my name and blood type? You could do that?"

"You're right. I'm not going back."

"You could. You could put my name and see that it gives you the exact opposite message, or even worse. When we were at the television studio, we would constantly play those stats things on relationships. We would put different people together - a boss and another person, two guys who were way straight, married couples - it was all random. Sometimes I would put my middle name and get a totally different answer."

"I remember. We did those."

"We did?"

"What did we get?"


"See? It's bullshit! We should have gotten 50%, because 50% is not knowing. Not knowing is the truth."

"Yes, who knows?"


"Okay. I'm back at the court. I have to go do my jury duty. I'll call you later."

"Okay. Have fun."

"What? Fun?"

"Being a jury person."


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