Getting Ready to Boogaloo!

Our time in Boulder is almost over. That's why we're trying to get some pictures taken and more living done quickly. Yesterday, we went out to a basketball game at CU with Sean, Mike, and Kelsey. Sohee kept asking questions about the game. It was her first basketball game. It was also her first sporting event in America. For every question she asked, I would simply refer her to Sean.

"Why did that guy blow a whistle?" Sohee asked. "What's happening?"

"One of those boys kissed the other boy too many times," I said.


"Sean will explain it."

"Sean, what happened?"

"The guy fouled out out of the game. You are only allowed five fouls and he reached the limit," Sean explained.

"Oh, that's a very easy-to-understand explanation," she said with a slight scowl in my direction.

"I thought they were kissing," I said with a smirk.

Lately, I've been prepping my body and computer equipment for the trip to Korea. I've got Pro Tools loaded on the computer, so the new album should be super-fantastic (you must say this phrase in your mind like you were born in Brussels - "Super-fantastic!"). I also have all the guitars cleaned and ready to go. The only other business before starting on the next record is to update the Sangha Films website and get a meet and greet party going in NYC. Thomas and I have been talking about jello wrestling. I think that'll be the bomb, but we'll probably just do an auction of some paintings and then make a funny video with me in it. That could be as good as jello wrestling.

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