Things in the Works

Our journey has taken us through Philadelphia, St Louis, Kansas City, Sedona, and Los Angeles. Each time we stopped, I would look around and ask whether I could stay here for a time. Boulder ended up being the place we decided to stay until July. I'm just teaching a few classes, writing, and hanging with friends.

Things in the Works

The Slipshod Swingers - 4th Album: I will be working on songs for the 4th album. Panauh will be helping with beats. I am open to anyone else joining in as well. Just send me a basic track if you got it. We is/will work together, gee-money!

The Whopper Strategies Screenplay: Since I have so many talented brothers, there is no reason why we can't rule the world. Paiman and I will be working on a screenplay for his film debut. This is going to be a fun one.

The Human War: We are supposed to shoot in December or April. It really depends on how much money we get by when. I'm guessing April will be rock 'n' roll time.

Past Simple 7: I've collected a bunch of fiction and poems for Jim Goar's virtual magazine. I assume it will hit the Net once I figure out how to post them to his PC-based site. That's going to be a doozer. Hopefully, Jim helps me figure things out.

Publishing Company?/?? - Aquiles Lagrave and I are in talks about setting up a publishing group that would put out a couple print books a year. This is an exciting venture. I guess we just have to come up with a name. That's all you need when you're as cool as us and live in the modern age of publishing. I'm vouching for Fixer Publishing (I rarely name things after a band's song, but Pearl Jam's "The Fixer" is the best song I've heard in a long time; it gets me excited and makes me want to do things.) It's either that or FU Books. I think the latter is a bit too Ed Sanders for my taste. Maybe, iHipster would be better.

Since no posting would be complete without pics of my latest painting, here it is. I think I'll be making a bunch of these. If you want one, I'll be making some and putting them on one of the ebay-type sites. If you want one, just e-mail me and I'll make it special with a rooster and hen and shit drawn under a full moon.



PS. I will be posting "The Making of Swine Flu" and apartment pics in a bit for those who've been asking.

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