Oblique Find!

I have just started checking out Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt's Oblique Strategies. I am curious about what they'll produce. You can get a stack of these at THE OBLIQUE STRATEGIES site. I found them via a blog by Daniel Nester. He wrote an article about New York poets. That's how I found him. I don't really care about New York or New York poets - not like that, anyway - but I do care about interesting little tricks that Brian Eno might have used to make him eliminate pressure and get to the creative place. That sounds like fun. I am glad Daniel wrote about this. He seems like a good guy. I hope he gets to forget about New York. Maybe, he'd like to go hiking sometime. A dog might help too. Either that, or you don't have to forget places. I constantly have every place I've ever been on a constant visual stream. Sometimes I'll look down a street and see Seoul, Little Armenia, Hollywood, Sedona, Philly, or New York. I don't feel like anywhere is anywhere. It's me that moves from one place to the next. As my head changes, so does the scenery. A friend once told me that. I thought he was hogshit for saying it, but it turns out he was right. You take you wherever you go.

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