NASA Employee Ponders Universe

I work for NASA officially now.

That's a joke. I don't work for NASA. I just have on the tee shirt in the picture. I'm up right now. It's 4:37 a.m.. I've been up all night. Just trying to decide on where to move. It's too difficult. I feel like I can't make this decision.

I am stranded in my own indecision...

I think I'll make a painting. That always helps me when I'm stuck on something...

I suppose it has to do with this film. I want to finish it before I head off. It's still possible to make it with a trip back and forth between L.A. and Youngstown, but when is that going to be? How long can I stay in upstate NY?

I'm dying to be walking the streets of Los Angeles again. I suppose that's enough of a motivation. Who knows? I can't make the decision tonight.

I think I'll watch "A League of Their Own." I like it when Tom Hanks has to pee.

Other Tidbits:

1. My wife is nice.

2. My Dad and I came up with a tennis game where we dance if we lose the point. He wants me to film this.

3. I turn 33 next week.

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