Visit to Delaware!

The East End Cafe is still on Main Street in Newark. It is under different management from the 90's. I went in and ordered a martini and listened to a young band cover Rage Against the Machine. It was like deja vu

I had no idea my high school was considered one of America's best. A kind janitor told me that was the case. He also suggested I visit when the school was open to get a proper tour.

Sogee was not happy for the picture that used to be above, but that was soon replaced after threats of suicide, because she felt that she did not look good in it. 

It was my fault, really. I asked her to stand in front of the house where I grew up. She thought we would get in trouble.

"If this was my house, I would ask what you were doing on my property," she said indignantly.

"Oh, yeah?"


"Okay," I said and clicked a pic. "Then let's go."

I caught her mid-snarl.

We didn't get in any trouble. The house was as quiet as it was in my childhood. The only thing I heard was my cell phone. My Dad called just as we pulled in front of the house.

"I knew you were there," my Dad told me on the phone. "I could feel it."

"There you go."

"How does the backyard look?"

"It looks good."

"Are you looking?"

"Yeah, it looks nice. Less trees. It's cleaned up."

"What about the deck? How does it look?"

"Looks good. Everything looks the same, except for all the trees being bigger."

"Good, good. Take Sogee to the Nature Center."

"Okay, Dad."

At Klondike Kate's, a local pub favorite for the college locals, we were accosted to chug beers and do shots. Sogee was game. I'll let her tell you about that on her future post entitled, "Sogee in Delaware: Talking to Young Pirooz."

Sogee is going to do some guest posts on Shikow to prepare for her blog launch. I'm excited to hear this adventure from her perspective.

We're off to New York tomorrow. More then...

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