Electronic Thumb

Well, it's official. My thumb will be no more. Last Friday, I had an accident with a car door slamming. I don't really want to go into it in too much detail. Let's just say it required a trip to the hospital. The doctors were hoping that the surgery would save my thumb. It didn't work. It's gotten infected. They are now talking about possibly putting one of my toes on my hand, or doing some electronic prostheses type of thing. 

I told them I would prefer an electronic prostheses. I don't know if I get a vote on it, but I really don't want to lose a toe just to get an ugly thumb. 

The doctors said a finger prostheses is risky because my body might reject it. They talked about the silicone being sculpted a certain way. I don't really know what they were talking about. I just asked if my thumb could light up, or become a cell phone, or make me able to function normally after everything is done. 

"You will be 80-85% functional," one doctor said to me.

"What about the other 20%?" I asked.

"Mr. Kalayeh you need to understand that this procedure could also not work. The choice between percentages is moot in the face of a complete loss of your thumb."

I have been looking at other options. My parents want me to get a silicone thumb. They don't trust these new electronic ones. They are also harping a lot about the cost of everything. I think I listened to my mother talk about the cost of things and the economy and the shape my family is in for about two hours straight last night. I couldn't even enjoy that Dancing with Models show or whatever it's called. I just had to think about how much my thumb would cost and how my mother wanted me to save my money, etc. It was a real pain.

Sogee hasn't said anything. She just feels bad for what happened with the car door. And I know she wants me to have the best thumb possible. I don't think she's worried about money, but I understand if she'll want me to go with the cheaper option. At the same time, it is my thumb, right? 

Who knows? This tragedy might end in a thumb that can erase things or light up. I think the latter would be much better. It's the bright side, right? 


C. Dale said...

OMG, I had no idea any of this happened. You are in my thoughts, and I am sending good vibes your way (regardless of the decision to use toe or silicon).

jwg said...

Sending word in skype. Love you...


love you. hope you are well. i can send you chocolate! and lots of good thoughts!