The Incredible Hulk as Me

I am getting angrier and angrier these days. Some say it's because I am living with my parents now and old wounds are returning. Another friend told me this was a natural case of having stopped my cigarette addiction. "You are bound to be more upset when dealing with things now," they say. "All those other times when you had issues, you could just smoke them away. But, now, when things come up, you have to face them."

My friend could be right. I do have a bit more fire inside me. It's been really interesting. Lots of anger floods into me for no reason. It's almost like being the Incredible Hulk. I suppose this means I'll have to do regular meditation to go a bit deeper into what's happening. Some writing on the topic might not be bad either. 

I started writing about my anger the other day, and it was a bit scary. I didn't expect to get so violent. That's what's coming though. I suppose I will write it dry. Just let these things be what they are. 

At the moment, I am nursing a bleeding appendage. Don't ask me what appendage or how it happened. It's way too embarrassing. Let's just say I am out of commission for a few days. I am not sure if I'll post any of these exploratory writings or drawings. They almost feel too personal. But, who knows? I've got to face my fears. We'll see if I end up getting Photoshop and rocking a book of this stuff. It could be good. I have no idea.

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yak said...

I have felt more anger than normal lately too. You know, I heard one theory that it's to do with the magnetic currents at the poles weakening -- everyone is getting angrier.
Sorry to hear about the thumb.