Nuclear Thunder

I woke up and chatted with friends about the STP reunion. Then I did a loop-de-loop around my neighborhood to Smoothie King. That's where a high protein banana smoothie awaited consumption. Of course, to get there meant braving the monsoon that started shortly after my walk began. Nevertheless, I made it through the series of "Do I get a taxi now?" and then "Do I get a taxi now?" to finally reach fruit shake heaven. 

During my journey, there was one brief moment where the thunder clapped loudly and sent a flock of pedestrians running for the nearest shelter. I couldn't stop smiling at the strangeness of people running from a sound. I looked up at the sky and said, "Oh, yeah!"

It is now hailing. The cubes are large and bouncing off the glass roof of my balcony. 

If I was out in this, I would not smile or say, "Oh, yeah!" I would probably run for the nearest shelter. I am scared of hard objects falling. Thunder is no problem though. In fact, if I ever had a child I would name them Thunder, the Barbarian.  That is, if my kid named a member of their family Skeletor.

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