The Climb

Today I climbed past the ridge lined with magnolias and rhododendrons to find a tennis court nestled within the mountain. It was a dirt court with the lines barely visible, but I was excited at the possibility to do a hike and play some tennis simultaneously. Unfortunately, the court was taken by the typical elder, Korean male - loud, brash, and with very little sense of tennis etiquette. 

Although he and his partner were several years the senior in skill level and experience of their female counterparts, he still felt the need to shout during points for the unneeded psych out. An immediate urge to wallop the man, or simply point out that his behavior was against the rules and would result in penalization should he try these antics during competitive play arose, but died as my tongue's ability to speak Korean found nothing but "where is the library?" for verbal swordplay. With my wit freshly dry, I seethed for a few more moments, before walking back up the path. 

Human beings are certainly different all over the world. Some behaviors are particular to a region, and other "cases" can be called their general name no matter what location they happen to affront civilized decency. 

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