Reggae Sleep

I am sick. I tried to fend it off. I took echinacea. I had a handful of vitamins and Tylenol PM's. I even slept for 12 hours in a row. Nothing worked though.

Now it's official. I am sick.

In Korea, when you get sick, it's like a bulddozer lives inside of you. It's very heavy. The head sways at every noise, and you, if looking at one afflicted in such a fashion, may just find yourself imitating the lopey dog they have become; as you both crane and un-crane your necks to the rhythm of a reggae song that is not playing.

It is now 1:51 p.m. I am still sick.

Yes, you can say it now. I am a bulldozer. I am a lopey dog. I am trying to keep my head straight. I do not hear reggae. I am...

I will sleep.

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