News Update

I have explored the web today. The first time in about three months. I found some interesting things. The first is a free download of Saul Williams' new album entitled, “The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust”. That is an interesting title. And even more interesting is that fact that Trent Reznor supplied the beats for the album. Curious? Download it here.

What else? Well, Miss Ahmad, formerly of Glamazonlife, and now posting under the heading STOOP TALK, found this interesting gem. I was curious, and not that uptight, so I chuckled slightly at this re-make.

I did find some interesting news items elsewhere. It seems the Writer's Guild continues to strike in Hollywood, and its effects are now being felt in primetime. Curious? Good time to start screenwriting? Who knows?

Aside from that, I did see that Iraq continues to get worse, as there are now 1.6 million children who are now homeless and abandoned. The Iraqi Red Crescent is trying to help in this dire situation.

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