Catcher in the Mitt

I am getting better. It looks like I got sick, because I just didn't give my body enough rest. Too many jobs. A little too much stress. That's how it goes. Now my schedule has become really free. I am back down to two jobs. I got the record mastered by Mark Moss at Target Studios, and it is now off to a printing press in Philadelphia. (Thank you, Frank for that last minute sax part on Dues. It is so good.) The website is up, and now it's onto the next project -animation!

I initially thought of doing webisodes for the first part of Enlightenment in a Box (formerly known as "The Whopper Strategies), but now I am thinking of something slightly different. I will still animate certain elements, but I am more interested in creating a text that works in a multimedia format. In other words, a book that is it's own website.

The idea: Links can trail off from the initial text to images, animated segments, or audio. As far as navigating through the world of the book, it would be a true simulacrum, as there would be no intial starting point; but rather, a discourse, that would be as much about what links one would choose and how these would then affect the next pages that would open.

I am not really sure how it will work, but I can feel this play with a novel being very possible. Only time will tell, if I get more interested in making animated segments versus this larger meta-framework.

Who knows? I will play with the possibilities. In the meantime, it's about resting and dreaming.

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