I finished the latest tune for Transistor Radio. That's right. OFFBEAT GENERATION. It is a nice, tasty song. And thanks to the help of a guitar solo from Sonny Mishra of The Temperance, it got an extra boost of "kick ass." Click the link to be taken to myspace for a free download.

Only one more song to go for this album to be complete. ; )

OffBeat Generation

I was sitting when a guy named Steve
came over representing the art relief
told me he knew everything about Brautigan
knew Bukowski and him would have never been friends

don't you know I've got some hesitations
don't you know I'm feeling frustration
don't you know it's all mental mastarbation
don't you know we're the off-beat generation

steve came in talking about rock 'n' roll
said he's heard everything
and nothing's got any soul
so I said
come on, man
you haven't heard it all
take a listen to the Breeder's "Cannonball"

CHORUS (Woah-oh-woah)

then came Steve's ideas on art
told me Marcel Duchamp's urinal was a farce
and everything he did
just didn't amount
so I pulled out Andy Warhol and said

CHORUS (Marilyn Monroe-ooh-woah-ooh)


poor Steve tried to pilfer Ezra Pound
wearing his "ABC's" like a Burger King crown
that's it
nothing left
no more to say
he shouts
Edgar Rice Burroughs is better than bug spray!


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