Mr. Pizza and Other News

I went out with my students the other night. We went to this place called Mr. Pizza. The students told me that it was a restaurant, catering to the women of Seoul. I didn't quite understand. If that was the case, why was it called "Mr. Pizza"?

I didn't ask them that though. I just looked at the menu, and saw that it was "fancy pizza" - like with basil and walnuts and stuff. Then I was like, "Oh, yeah, I get it."

The girls were keen on chatting about how to get into a school in the states. I told them to pick somewhere they want to live, and to find a school that would be reputable for their majors.

"What about for me?" a girl who was an interior design major asked.

"You can be in any major city. You'll have any job you want. People always want interior designers."

Then I looked at the girl sitting next to me. She was an art major. I was going to say that she was ______, but it came out as, "You're going to have a harder time."

She laughed.

"Pick New York or L.A. for you," I said. "L.A. is good for a painter. You can meet lots of folks, there are a lot of galleries, and there are lots of people who will buy paintings if you get them up in coffee shops."

We talked about other things. At least I did. I was talking up a storm. I had coffee, and that got me all wired. I think I told them about every relationship I ever had. I talked about dating and whatnot, and how it's different in the States.

"You go out with lots of different people," I told them. "You don't just get married right away."

I think half of them understood me. I'm not sure.

Anyway, it was nice to hang with them. The artist got me a sketch book and an artist pencil for me to write my new comic book, "Choco Pie." It was real sweet of her. It was also nice to pass around the sketch book, and get their cute drawings. I really dig them. Especially the one of the genie from Alladin. (Apparently, I look like the genie from Alladin to them. Who would have known?)

In other news, the website is coming along. I've got flying butterflies, comics of me that talk and stuff, and I'm actually learning how to use Flash. Real cool.

As far as other folks, here are the links:

1. Noah Cicero has some cool thoughts on "writers" versus "Bear Parade".

2. Tony O'Neil talks about Charles Bukowski at The Guardian.

3. Tao Lin interviews Porochista Khakpour at 3AM Magazine.

I'll catch you on the flip,



SAAYYYYY said...

genie from Aladdin. . .nothing better

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Don't forget. My last class said I looked like Shrek. It might be a toss up.

saayyyyy said...

what about a hybrid love-child of the two?? i think yes.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Ahhhhhh! Nightmare! Shra-genie...a scary thought. I would like to be my own Disney film. Can you direct?