Birthday Festivities

I am now 31. I am still alive. As of today, I am on a diet of taking it easy. Tomorrow I go to see a chiropractor and am due for an Indonesian massage. Aside from this treat of luxury, I have a pair of black, machinist combat boots arriving from America, so I can say I am thoroughly pleased. Tomorrow I may even get a pair of New Balance sneakers to help with my running regiment.

I know what most of you may be thinking - why all the care and love for Pirooz? Well, I have been very aware of how different things have been affecting my body lately. I know when I am over exerting myself on the track. I know that too much work or thinking makes my neck ache. And I also know that spending too much time with people can often be tiresome if I am ready to spend it doing other things.

So, yes, I will be shifting the way I live in the next few months. I am not going to go out or chase girls. I am not even going to go out, besides the occasional dinner with students or friends. I have a bit of work ahead of me with writing and comic books, and I am so looking forward to my time off in August.

What else? Well, I got the good news from Ben Hamin (my former college roommate and band manager for Cecil's Water), that he has a brought a beautiful baby girl into the world. I saw the pics this morning, along with a nice note from this fantastic friend. It was good to see him in such good spirits. If you haven't wished him well, be sure you drop him a line.

As far as birthday fesitivities, I did manage to go out to get sushi last night with colleagues, and then bowl for an hour or so. It was nice to get a solid 131. It's not a terribly good bowling game, but it's also not a 54.

In other news, Nicholas Manning of The Continental Review has expressed an interest in putting up the poetry film I made with Reb a few months ago. It was nice to make a connection with him, and to view some of the visual poetics that the site has posted. I have long been an advocate for poetry being translated into the film medium, so I feel particularly keen on being part of this wonderful site, and the impressive roster of talent that is being exhibited. If you haven't visited, be sure you do. I will keep you posted on when the film Reb and I made will be available for view.

Clue: Did someone say a new book by Pirooz Kalayeh with "Whopper" in the title may be out for sale in the coming months?


Say said...

it sounds like the birthday was good. . .
i am glad.
it was my sisters as well,
she is in new york though.
anyways, hi.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...


Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...


Anonymous said...

oooh . . . i like books with the word "whopper" in them . . . hooray.

Anonymous said...

oooh . . . i like whoppers . . . like books about whoppers . . .

ps. this is the great anonymous ghost of dacheux!

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

I like ghosts, especially when they are pretty and live down the block from me.

Anonymous said...

you look so svwelt in this photo. meow.


JWG said...

Happy B-day.

late. Sorry.

you are still 31.

I live in a cave. SY is sleeping next to me.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

svelt is nice. caves are dark.

how does sy like the south?