Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing

This was not the first time Barry Manilow was played on the stereo. He had been used to lighten the mood and alleviate stress in the Alouadi's home in 7 situations in the past.

1. Ki Eun returns from a memorial service for those lost in the Gwang Ju protests.
2. Fadhel gets grounded from flight status at Korea Air because of a kidney stone.
3. Fadhel and Ki Eun argue about finances for their summer trip to the East Sea.
4. Ki Eun's mother passes away from Cancer.
5. Fadhel and his brothers dance in the Alouadi home after local police force them to vacate a street corner in Kang Nam for singing the Canadian National Anthem at 3AM on Bastille Day.
6. Ki Eun, fresh from a color procedure at a foreign hair salon in Hong Da, is obstructed by several men, as they make catcalls about her new brunette status.
7. Fadhel and Ki Eun are to meet a third party for an undisclosed procedure.

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