No Shampoo Lyrics and Take with Soju

People have been asking so here are the lyrics to No Shampoo and a special version with Soju in hand:

We didn't shampoo.
We say hello.
Now we feel like
we're going to die.

Her name is Hyung eeee.
She studies SAT's.
Now she feels like
she is going to die.

We drink Soju.
We drink till 2.
Now we feel like
we are going to die.

Come join us tonight.
Come join in the light
and we will not die.
We are from Korea smile!

Inspiration? Good question. One of the office workers lifted my hat, and said, "No shampoo!" It was as simple as that. Now we even have tee shirts. Who would have thought?


Sonny said...

Now THAT's Rock 'n' Roll. Brilliant tune too. That guitar is YOU.

Pirooz said...

Yes, it's purple! Thanks for the shout out. From a brilliant musician like you, that's more than a pat on the back. I can't wait for your new records. Let me know when they come out.



marlowe diego said...

i feel like a bottle of shampoo! whoo whoo whoo! shoo shoo shoo!

peace brother.