Anonymous said...

miss you and our walks up to the hills. glad to see you are well. i am fine. a bit under the weather, otherwise known as a forced vacation. lots of sleep and book reading. movie watching. yes, movie watching-- why is it so much fun? nothing better than walking to the theatre around dusk. found a great dive bar in koreatown. 3 dollar drinks. los angeles keeps expanding it's arms to me. i'm very thankful. yet, looking forward to seeing you again, mr. friend. dylan and family may be moving on westward here. you are always so sunny.


Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

yes, miss beautiful. i will see you soon. it's only a matter of time. i might even opt out early from my contract, depending on how things progress. i feel fairly comfortable here, and have learned what i need. now it's just a matter of saving money for a car on my return, and maybe, putting out a comic book or novel until we're walking together again.

love you,