The Slipshod Swingers

The new record is out! Orange Lamborghini!!

I will be selling through Lulu, my house, and then some digital warehouse. It's pretty exciting. One of my favorite records that I have been a part of. Thank you to all the Swingers!! And now, without further adieu, lets hear from a few.

Up first, the engineer, my little brother, the mastermind with buttons and beats, Panauh Kalayeh...

Me: Alright, little dude, you're 19 years old. You've got a gig at Track Record, one of
the hottest recording studios in Los Angeles. Now you're starting your
own record label. How do you do it?

: I really just try to take things slow (even though i don't), and
sometimes I feel opportunities just fall on my lap. It may have to do
with the way i present myself...I try to learn as much as I can from
older people that have been in the business.

I don't want to say I'm opening up the record label for sure yet but
I'm hoping...Then again I'm not relying on this as my only option,
this is why I take it for what it is and if it happens cool if not I'm
still going to be working with music because I couldn't picture myself
doing anything else. I thank God everyday for the blessings he has
given me. I am grateful to be working with such talented artists.

Me: Well, said. How about you, JP? What's one of your favorite songs off this record?

JP: Bootylicious is the jam. When the guitar strummin' kicks in and everyone's going, "Bootylicious..." I get warm fuzzies. And you can't beat the yells at the end of the "Twist and Shout" like outro to each chorus. Is that called a bridge? I have no freaking clue. That's why we're called Slipshod, I guess.

Me: Timmery, what has been your favorite jam session with Slipshod?

Timmery: My ultimate favorite Slipshod session was the one when your awesome writer friend and Frank were in town, and I did no singing but I got billigerently and wildly drunk. Goodtimes.

To Be Continued...

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