Benji Hughes Is Good in the Future

Dacheaux and I saw Benji Hughes last week. He was incredible.

"This is so good," Dacheaux said.


"So good."


I really couldn't say anything else. I was mesmerized. I just swayed with Dacheux and watched Benji talk about the future.

"That is a good song in the future," Benji raises his arm. "Really good in the future."

Everyone laughs. Dacheux sways. I cross my arms.

"You know," I say. "We're a part of history right now."

"I know," Dacheux grins. "He's so good."

Benji doesn't have an album, but you can visit his myspace page to download 4 of his songs, including my favorite song of 2006, TIGHT T-SHIRT.

I've also found some wonderful gems of Benji live. Click on the pics below to view.

Benji on Mel Gibson...

Benji sings about love...

An acoustic song about Christian music being bad...

Think Leonard Cohen meets Lynyrd Skynyrd and Sublime...

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