In the News

We'll be heading to the Hollywood Cemtery tonight for a screening of Dawn of the Dead. For those of you who want to come, we'll meet at the front gate with blankets, wine, and naughty, crooked smiles.

In celebration of this momentous night of frolicking yumminess, I've penned a song in as long as it took to sing it. We'll call it Hollywood Cemetery.

In other news, Jim Goar's Past Simple is up. Sean Mac is at Green Appeal. Sprigs is back to it. The Downtown Harvest were just featured on ABC News and have some type of robot creating CD packages.

I'm drawing pictures that bring us back to Trapper Keepers and My Little Pony. Pretty soon, I'll have a website up with naughty secrets, yellow lockers, and Space Camp epiphanies.

Catch ya'll on the flip,


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