Steely Dan vs. Owen Wilson: Feud Continues

Steely Dan busts on Owen Wilsion via his brother Luke in an open letter on their site. Very funny. I laughed and laughed. Hopefully, Owen will make good on his instant karma. If you would like to enjoy this outrageously funny letter, click here.

I am in another office. I write a letter to my boss. He doesn't want to go to work. He has just gotten back from vacation.

Dear Boss,

Work might be nutritious.
You might get hugged.
That's better than mugged
or hair plugs.

I am working with Carl at
Screen Door.
Cake job.

They are buying us coffees.

The lights have dimmed.

"They are dimming the lights for Starbucks," someone chortles.

I laugh.

(Carl doesn't)

I laugh some more. I ask about Rite Aid.

Is it really open 24 hours?

"Yes," someone says. "Like Ralphs."

"Like God too," I think and say.

"God?" a colleague asks.

"Yeah," I say. "God is open 24 hours."

"So is his wife," another says.

Others laugh.

I do not understand. I like them though. They are nice.

I smile at them.
I write you this letter.
I smile again.
I hug you in space.




Did you hear right? Am I working on a craft show for DIY? That's right. I am. If you would like to be on the show, send your contact info, craft, and bio to


Okay. Who is the wise guy that put me on 25peeps?


Lynn said...

You must have put yourself on 25 Peeps. I'm bragging about it on my site. Check out my sidebar. ;)

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Did you put me there?

I have seen it on your sidebar. I have clicked it many times. Only because you're beautiful.

I'm shallow like that.

Lynn said...

It's at the top of my sidebar, right under the image where you appear. I tell people to click on you. Also, you need to change your 25peeps link so it is your specific referral. They should have sent you that in an e-mail. Yours is:

No, I didn't submit you.

Lynn said...

Oopsie. You said you had seen it. Not that you hadn't. What I meant was that I am bragging about YOU on my site ~ about you being on 25 Peeps.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

You are too sweet for mentioning me. My time on peeps is over though. It was good while it lasted.

Now I am in my apartment. It is hot. Must be a 100 degrees. My pants are sticking. Hopefully, my body will find a way to cool off. Dacheux is talking about a movie. That might be a good idea. Paiman might want to come. He is my younger brother.

"Lets do something later," he said.

"I want a chicken quesedilla with sour cream and guacamole," I said.

Then he said something, but I can't remember.

I am glad you are still on Peeps. You must have the world record. You're like Anthony Hopkins in "The World's Fastest Indian" - a record breaker!

I am about to break records myself.

Days I have not cleaned my room: 12.

That is way too long.

Kisses from Los Angeles,


Lynn said...

I still have your image on my site. Is that OK? I kind of like having it there.

Go clean your room.