Lohan VS. Hilton, TV on the Radio, and Nudist Colony of the Dead!

I have been quiet these days. Not much happening. I watched television on Saturday. That was fun. I put it on in the background as I read Life & Style Magazine.

Yes, I know what you're thinking? Why is Pirooz reading Life & Style? Does he like gossip?

Yes, I do. I also like to reconnect with pop culture. It's a good gauge for where the world is. That's right. Life & Style! It dictates a lot of what ends up happening in the world. All it takes is a fight between Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton in Silverlake, and then there are 300 girls across the Midwest, showing up at a party to pull each other's hair and pretend they are going to be in the next Herbie film. That's how it works.

I am counting down to the headline. Either that, or I am going to write a poem. I might even like it enough to post it.

Has anyone heard of TV on the Radio?

I read about them in Spin Magazine. It seems they are getting quite a bit of notoriety for their lives as Olive Garden employees made rock stars and their interest to use royalties and donations through paypal to fund other bands in the New York area.

To read it from the source, you can visit the band's founder on blogger. That's right. He has a blogspot.

Anything else going on?

Well, just the "Nudist Colony of the Dead!" Watch at your own discretion. The song is catchy.


There is also this cheesy Darth Vader meets store clerk film. It's the talk of the internet with over 1,000,000 hits. Fascinating.


Smidge said...

Was there really a fight between Lohan and Hilton in Silverlake? How did I miss that?

John said...

Lohan, clearly.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Yes, there was a fight. Haven't you been reading your Life & Style! Dude, get with it! I might have to expose your superhero tactics.

Delia True said...

I read the same TV on the Radio article in Spin. Was a fan before, now more intrigued.

sky said...

Heard about the fight between those girls. It was all-over mags and entertainment news.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

D- Wasn't that a good article? It definitely makes you curious. I also like how TVOTR are making a stand for something. That may be the true testament of their longevity in the long run.

S- I will one day have television. Until then, I read Life & Style. Boo yaka shaw! Respect.