Another Decade: Celebrating the Desert Rose

I love this card. Got it today. It came with about 20 cigarette filters stuck in the envelope. Hilarious.

Now I will die slower.

For those of you in Los Angeles who want to join in the festivities, we will meet at the Sabor y Cultura Cafe (Gramercy and Hollywood), get a couple Mexican Mochas, and walk down Hollywood to The El Capitan Theater for an 8pm show of Pirates of the Carribean.

(I have 10 tickets for distribution...the rest are on you.)

I don't really like movies a whole lot, but I do love that theater. I like getting confetti squirted on me. I like feeling young. The El Capitan knows how to do it right.

If anyone wants to get tickets in advance, go for it. It might be a good idea.

After that, I will probably hit The Frolic Room. I like its seediness and its proximity.

Disney and a bar. Perfect.

Anything else going on?

Not in the least. I will be out of work come Friday. I will write a novel in the next couple weeks; send off some manuscripts to Chronicle Books; and maybe query select agents who catch my eye.

My best to all of you,



from The Rose Garden by Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi

The feeling of the banal self

is like a fly which has landed

on the side of the basin.

If the fly would choose a better place for landing

it would immediately turn into a phoenix.

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