Stringfellow Hawk: Hanging at the Disco Inferno


Last night we had to bail on Spaceland. Line was around the block for this band called The Bronx, so Mickey and I decided to go to the Disco House (what he calls his studio apt). It was just what the doctor ordered. Hawkeye was there, Mickey's roommate, and we shot the shit about his new job.

"You're looking good," I say.


"Yeah," I say. "Your hair's all trimmed. It looks good."

"Well, you know," he says.

"Yeah," I say. "Well, I'm here. Lets record some music."

Hawk was game. He pulled up this beat that was low key. It had some low, electric guitars with a hip-hop shuffle.

"Reminds me of Jane's Addiction," I say. "Porno for Pyros too."

Hawk laughs.

"What's up?"

"You compare all my songs to early 90's bands."


"I love that."

"Well, I know my music."

"That's true."

I tell Hawk to let me have one pass at the song. I figure I can carry a high melody throughout. I have no idea what I'll sing, but I tell him to just record.

"Go ahead," I say.

"You don't want to hear it?"

"I'd rather it be a surprise."

"Okay," he says, and starts recording.

I lay one vocal. It's pretty. The only lyric I remember is "Everyone's got problems." That was the chorus. That was nice.

Hawk was all about one of the verses.

"I love how you said, "We ran away when we were 16."

"Yeah," I said. "Young love is fun."

I tried doing another take for harmonies after that, but their recording equipment was a bit outdated and I could tell I was better off bringing the tune where I could actually do some work on it.

"Hawk, want to be on the new album?"

"Yeah, man."

"Well, this is what I want you to do. Burn this beat to disc, and meet me on Saturday at the Fortress (this is what everyone calls my house). We will work on it there. I will email you lyrics and then you can see what you want to add."


"On second thought, I don't have the time to do that. I'll tell you what. You listen to this improv thing and pull the lyrics you like, and then write some of your own. Then hand it to me 10 minutes before we record. I am pretty sure that will keep it fresh and raw."

"Sounds good to me"

I was real impressed with Hawk's beat. It is definitely a keeper. I am excited to see what happens on Saturday too.

I wonder if Hawk knows he's a genius.


Franky said...

Always excited to hear new slipshod- great move to get Hoc hip to the slip. According to my sources, once we moved out of the disco house, it officially transformed into the "jungle dungeon." Don't stop the doo-wop.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

No, it is still the disco house.

What doo wop?

I can feel your Philly energy. You're like Rocky. A boxer.

michelangelo said...

Franky's right bro.

let's take a break when you get this.

MK g

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...


So now it's called the Jungle Dungeon?


U is Samurai.