Poetry Thursday: Five for Me


"Freddy's Poem"

There are no orange Lamborghinis in Hollywood.
That’s Melrose.
I’m just setting the record straight.
I am also writing a poem.

It was written by a gangster.
His name was Freddy.

He wanted to die.
It was a Tuesday.
He was going to Pappy’s.
That’s on Melrose.

He shot his gun.
He grit his teeth.
He walked back home.

Now it is night.
I am reading his poem.
It’s got some good rhymes.
Makes you think too.


The curb sits adjacent to the
window is open and I can
catch a glimpse of her
shorts are worn by a mature
woman is described as older than
me don’t know no better so I
walk back and forth in me room
thinking I could snog a cloud.


"Nickel Slots"

I tug drop the hottest spin drop you done ever seen. We be doing it to James Brown mighty nifty. Kicking like you know we be. Hot and crazy like my parents can dance. No dance be doing though. She be more like ain’t no dance be dropping on this done day. It be hot and I is running me a temperature of a hundred and two. Damn, it be hot. Give me some crunch. Damn, give me some.

Ain’t nobody be giving hers no crunch. She don’t be needing it. Dancing all like that. Her head hot and crazy like Tsotsi. Like Pippi. Like a 100 girls be done up on my grille like nasty and please don’t be coming all fast and gush, you know? So we be hiding, we be hiding, hiding in this shell, and we is waiting, waiting, waiting, to break.


"Hot Fudge Sundae"

ZI to MCU Raccoon.
WS – Sunset
ZO and PL to MS – Raccoon
Audio music plays.
“This is a raccoon.”

TU to trees (non-specific)
Audio music plays.
“These are trees.”

Window opens.
“Summer wind comes blowing in…”
Needle scratches.
“I don’t practice Santeria…”

MS – Billboard sign.
Man paints.
Woman’s pants.

Cut to: Crane POV
Car moving.
No men.
No woman’s pants.

PL to WS – Sunset.
PL 360 to MS – Me.
Movie ends.
No music.


"A Poem to Read into the Mirror of My Bathroom to Help Me Quit You"

Letters to gush
the pile of leaves into one corner -
she pulls her hair over her eyes,
pulls the best and worst of woes and cries
feeds the flame with a reflection
so she knows
it is only a matter of time

before the world gushes
for her,
and turns the ignition
to play her theme song -

the old bump and grind
with a bird, a voice, and suggestion:

to feed the fire,
to breathe the pyre,
to wish the once was once again

to fish and find the done is done
to know there is no loss or one

to let it gush
to let it gush
to let it gush

and said again
and said again
and said again

a hundred times
a hundred times
a hundred times

U! is everything

and said again
a hundred times


shann said...

hey- I enjoyed these-


Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

U is kind. TY.

Lynn said...

You posted! Yay!

abhay k said...

Welcome to poetry thursday...looking forward for more

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Everyone is so nice at Poetry Thursday. Thank you for the welcome. You is definitely my peeps.