I am looking for a title. I am also trying to finish this book. I am so tired though. It might have to wait for the weekend. My new job takes a lot of mental energy. Hopefully, I will find a balance. In the meantime, I write little bits on lunch breaks. I show people at the office as it comes. Some laugh. Some find it offensive.

"I want to call the book Why Do Men Do Stupid Things for Ass?" I tell a colleague.

"That only appeals to men," they tell me.

"I like that title," a young woman says.

"Sounds good to me," another says.

I don't know what will be right. I sweat it for an hour or so, until I get a heart to heart with T. She sets me straight.

"It will come to you," she says.

"Mmmm," I say.

That is the truth. Listen. Then act.

Sometimes a friend has to remind me of that. I am glad I have many friends who remind me of this daily.

Right now I am going to go to The Upright Citizens Brigade. I want to see JP perform. I want to support my comedian friends. I want to dance with Dacheux.

It just might be what the doctor ordered.


John Posatko said...

Thanks for coming tonight, bro. It's always nice to get my weekly and sometimes bi-weekly dose of Rooz. Nice shirt, by the way. And welcome back, fellow Mid-Atlantic traveler.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

It seems I am a fashionista these days.

Great performance tonight. I liked how everyone dies at the end of the skits. It made me think, "What would happen if the skit kept going? Would there be an afterlife?"

I'll catch you on the flip. Let me know how things go with Danny, and if you have any free time this weekend. It might be nice to meet for waffles at Freddy 62's in the wee hours. Who knows?

Stacy Elaine said...

we will have fun silly dances sometime soon... sorry i missed you.

Anonymous said...

Good Title for your book and GREAT subject matter.

Men do vERY Stupid things for "ass"

The trick is to train yourself not to. These girls are usually not worth the attention anyway.

As MEN We are programed to constantly want to have sex with every attractive girl we see.
We really need to change this.
It's a waste of Time. Alot of these girlS Are possibly not worth talking to other than you want to bang them.

Their should be one GIRL to give that attention to and she should be SPECIAL to you.


I mean are we Purely animals that soley react and follow our basest instincts. No we're not and constantly looking for and doing "stupid things" for sex is NOT WORTH IT.

Stacy Elaine said...

dear anonymous you are silly. and it's true, intention gets what intention wants, sometimes. other times we are still just silly. and silly can be fun or funny.

Anonymous said...

what do u mean stacey?

Stacy Elaine said...

dear anonymous, i understand your perspective. i just happen to have another one. it has nothing to do with programs or men being manish and some women just being ass. i think that narrows the scope into a pretty bow. when really, the bow is just so silly.

thanks for asking. i hope you're having a good day little anonymous. take care.