I dreamt I was a different person last night

I dreamt I was a different person last night. I was a professional soccer player or a really good amateur. I was also from a different country and of a different ethnicity.

It was very strange--almost like being on my own version of Quantum Leap.

My father--who was not my father--was the coach of the soccer team. He was letting me know in not-too-kind-of-a-way that my performance on the field was not up to par.

"I don't expect much from players who reach a certain age. I reduce expectations by 5%, so you can relax. You're too old to play hard."

The person whose body I was inside seemed to accept this.

I thought it wasn't entirely true. Yes, age slows you down, but the body felt young. It could do more.

That was the end of the dream. 

Here's a snapshot from our short film BRUNCH ON THE FOURTH OF JULY. Apparently, one of Aaron's students has volunteered to edit it. I'm curious what will happen. I've completely let go of all control on this film. It's literally a rock in the ocean.