Brad Warner Documentary Update

(Brad Warner & Nina Hartley on Documentary Shoot, 2010)

The documentary is going well. Brad is a real nice person. Some people have said working with a Zen master would be hard, but it's been really refreshing. I've enjoyed interviewing him on Hollywood Boulevard, and listening to him and Nina Hartley talk about Buddhism and sex.

On Sunday, we'll be filming at Bodhi Tree Bookstore on Melrose. Then we'll head out and film a radio show about sex with the Suicide Girls.

I told Brad tonight that this documentary is filled with sex.

"Yeah," Brad said.

"We're going to have to have you talk about your past a bit."

"I can do that," Brad said.

We're going to shoot another day in Hollywood. Then we'll shoot some more stuff in Manhattan and Akron. We're hoping that we can make the documentary fresh and different. There's talk of some animation, SKYPE chats, and visiting a clothing store for women where CBGB's used to be.

I'll post more later.

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