Long Beach, CA

Budget Queen


We are here in Long Beach! Everything is set. Well, it took some adjusting. When we first arrived, the apartment I had rented from Korea was in a dangerous neighborhood. After we asked some police officers about safety, and they warned against talking on cell phones because children might snatch them from our hands, I made an executive decision: "We shall move says I!"

I made a costly exit from my two-day old lease, and headed east of Redondo, as I was advised, to a corporate complex with pool and tennis courts. It really was the tennis courts that made me want to come here more than anywhere else.

Now Sohee is about to accompany me for her third tennis lesson of her life. She is deathly afraid. According to her, I am too militant. That can be true. I admit it. I like to become a drill sergeant when I get a chance. I'll have to conjure my ultimate teacher now though. Sohee will learn to be a Wimbledon master, I say to myself. I will learn to be militant only when it comes to eating tacos. That seems like a safe time to be militant.

I will start posting other pics when I get a chance.

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