Jeju Island, Part Deux!

I've been so busy with the move back to California that I haven't been able to put up photos in the last couple weeks. That's why we have a whole slew below. We'll start with the Jeju Island photos and then progress to others.

Here is the family playing a game of horseshoes meets arrows and a bucket. Sogee won, sending her father and brother to drink copious amounts of alcohol. I stayed out of the escapade. I could sense doom. She had a certain swagger about her.

While we were in Jeju Island, we stopped by a folk village. It had wax dummies in traditional huts.

It also had crazy bugs I've never seen. Apparently, there are several species of animals, insects, and plants that are found on the island and nowhere else.

The alien above reminded me of FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR. Remember that movie?

We also stopped by a waterfall that my in-laws went to on their honeymoon.

The prime spot to take a photo was a major clamoring pool of tourists. I thought that was more interesting than any photo of a couple, but there was an insisting father-in-law who got a shot of us before we were pushed out of the way by an older couple who had been waiting too long to wait another minute.

More photos in the next posting...

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