Makkoli Thump!

I have been taken hostage by my Korean family for the past couple days. I keep having one dinner function to go to and then another. Yesterday my aunt took Sohee and I to Boondang just outside of Seoul for grilled duck. I had had grilled duck before, but I was feeling a bit adventurous, so I decided to join in on the makkoli (Korean beer) celebration in honor of my birthday. Every member of the table was given a small bowl for drinking, my uncle poured with a perpetual smile on his face, and glasses were raised. We ended up drinking three bottles of the acidic drink before I could feel a slight haze come over me. The following bottle of soju didn't help. I wasn't quite drunk, but almost an hour later I had this instant hangover. My head was throbbing, and now, a whole 12 hours later, my head is still thumping a bit. I must be dehydrated. In any case, I wouldn't suggest drinking this stuff during humid summer days. I think that'll be my last time. I enjoyed being with my family, but I can't be having my head hurt. I'm too much of a softie for any kind of pain. That's why I'm looking forward to a nice dinner and movie tonight with friends. If libations ensue, you can bet I'll stay away from that Korean beer. Man! Massive headache.

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