Nail in the iPad Coffin

"Why would anyone want something you'd have to lay on a table to type with?"

"You can buy a docking window and a wireless keyboard for like $25."

"What about MS Word?"

"They've got iPages. A program that is like Word. Final Draft is also going to put out an app, so you can write and view screenplays."

"How much are they?"


"Mmm," I considered. "Not bad."

"The next generation will be cheaper and you'll be back in L.A. by then. It's perfect."

Sometimes I think my brother is being paid by Apple, either that or he is a good salesman that practices on others before he makes gratuitous purchases himself. Of course, I'm laying blame where it isn't deserved. The truth is that Apple products and other technobilia might be the next generation of toys for us. Gone are the days of old when you would see hardware store geeks looking for the latest handsaw. Now you'll see this master builder creating a website on an iPad. Got any nails?

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