I, Godzilla!

I run rampant across Tokyo. It is 9:45 a.m.. We must check out of the hotel at 10:00 a.m.. I will now discuss the trip in three minutes or less. That is all the time I have. Okay. Go. We have done a lot of things. Mostly, we ate strange things and got lost a lot. We came here without even bringing a map. I suppose it's what one would call a backpacking adventure. Sogee says she doesn't like these types of vacations. "Next time we go to Bali," she says. "I don't like this kind of trip."

I didn't argue with her. We got lost almost everyday. I also wasn't much of a communicator in Japanese. Loren Goodman told me to just use "Mas" and "Das" after everything. That really didn't work. I know that most Japanese end with those verbs, but I needed a bit more of the language to be fluent and express my innermost feelings. That's what I usually like to do on vacations. I go up to strangers and tell them about my childhood or my first sexual experience.

The three minutes has ended. I will write more in a cyber cafe...

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