Jamming at the Brewery

Sohee and I head off to Seoul tomorrow. I'll be out of contact for 12 hours. In the meantime, here are some pics from our latest adventures in Boulder.

Yesterday we went off to Odell's Brewing Company and New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins with Mary and David.

Sohee learned how to brew beer.

I was obsessed with the bottling procedure. It made me feel like I was watching Reading Rainbow live.

"Oh, yeah," a college student agreed with me. "We've just gone through the tunnel with the trolley on Mister Roger's Neighborhood."

"I could watch this all day," a middle aged woman said.

"I don't know about all day," I said. "It is hypnotic though."

"I feel like a bottle," Sohee said.

"I feel like gear switch."

"David is hitting on the tour guide."

"That's what he's supposed to do," I said.

Last night, I jammed out with Sean, Kelsey, and Michael. I played bass. Sean taught me how to play bluegrass. I was all about it.

After Sean showed me how to do the picking, I started to figure it out. It's pretty fun. I think I'll write a bluegrass tune on the next Slipshod record.

FYI - I am not taking my guitars to Korea. That means I'll either build a telecaster or get a Fender knock-off somewhere.

Korea here we come!


Anonymous said...

I am flying from Germany to Seoul tomorrow. How long will you be there? I'd love to meet if you have the time, Mr. Movie Director. :)

jwg said...

Safe travels? Any restaurant or place in Seoul that you can't wait to see again?

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

fwendy - I'll be in Korea for five months, so we can hang any time. : )

jg - Sogee wants to go to Kyochon chicken. I just like being in Seoul. It's nice.