16 Days Away!

I have about 16 days left before the temporary stay in South Korea begins. Today I woke up at 5 a.m. and began packing. This might seem early to some of you - both in time of day and because it is so far in advance - but I had to step up the game due to the amount of things I have now gotten since my return to the states. I had to make hard choices between what books, Star Wars figures, and tax documents would come with me (all the Star Wars figures are coming - there are only three or four). I also had to simply pack the two bags I'm allowed to see how much space I actually had.

Ordinarily, I would simply be thinking about clothes and knick knacks, but since I plan on recording music for the next five months, I had to reserve space for the various tools of the trade - namely, an MBox2, Rhodes NT01 microphone, mic stand, G Drive, and cables.

Some of you might think, "Why not just get all that stuff in Korea?"

"Well, my friends, that would cost a pretty penny. American goods are usually marked up 50-60% because they are highly desirable in Asia. Believe it or not, there is also the added issue that there is no Apple store or local Guitar Center in Korea. Add to that my limited ability to speak Korean, and you have a foreigner who would be paddling up shit's creek saying, Anyang! (hello in Korean) NT101 ga choo sa yo? (you got?) That might seem like I said something intelligible in Korean. I don't know. I might have just impressed myself. I am pretty sure I am right, but I might have just written: Hi, NT101, dick you? My doubts and sentiments leaning to the latter certainly don't make me feel better about trying my hand at obtaining this type of equipment on the streets of Seoul.

Of course, such an adventure might be just what the doctor ordered. In fact, I am looking forward to my trip to Asia. I have secured a part time teaching position while I'm there, so my time will be filled engaging young minds, hiking up mountains, playing tennis, meditating at Hwa Gye Sah (temple), and getting acupuncture. I am pretty sure my mental and physical body will flourish. That's what I'm hoping at least. To have that clear head while writing all these songs. Who knows? I might just come up with a great record.

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