Film Update

We got our first shot of the film yesterday. We were scouting locations with TJ Hellmuth, our Director of Photography, when he yelped while looking out the window, "Birds in flight!!"

I looked out the van and saw thousands of birds swarming in the trees and sky. We had about a half hour left of sunlight, but we managed to get the Red camera setup and ready for some hand-held shots. Then, after the birds stopped swarming, I ran along the highway screaming and hooting like Old Yeller to let the whole multitude of Hitchcockian elegance descend over highway 680. It was quite a sight. What do you think? Movie opening or closing?

This past Saturday was John Kennedy's birthday. He celebrated in style at his bar, The Royal Oaks. I got this picture of him dancing to "Pabst Blue Ribbon," an original by a local band in the area.
This last element is a "Blowmeo." We needed to get some artwork for one of the characters, so I've started collecting old vintage paintings and tagging them with a character known as Blowmeo.

Basically, I wanted to create something that an actor could imitate. We're going to have to hit a few dozen more paintings. I'll show you the full studio when we're done.

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