Sogee's Birthday, Film News, and Latest Reading

Well, things are moving right along. I am still in Pittsford with Sogee. Today is her birthday, and aside from missing her folks and friends yesterday, we have been having a blast. Typically, we both wake up and have yogurt parfaits; I go to work; and then she scours the Internet for the latest Facebook news or Etsy creation. It's a good life. By the afternoon, I am done my work, and we workout, or walk the mall like senior citizens.

As of this moment, I am on a conference call with Thomas and lawyers for the film. We're trying to set contracts for investors. There are so many things to consider with unions, rules, and monies to be paid if the film goes to distribution. It's all pretty interesting. I can't say I would like to be a lawyer, but you do have to learn a lot of the process to be clear with actors, investors, and crew.

Aside from contracts, I am now contacting members of the Youngstown community for auditions in April. Thomas and I are supposed to scout locations, meet with Noah, and try to find some local talent. Hopefully, we find some more great actors. We have seen so many wonderkidz in New York. If Youngstown is as postive as our New York auditions, then we'll be that much closer.

As fas as doing some more auditions in Los Angeles, that might happen as well. Right now we've gotten many people from L.A. who are interested in the project. Some have been fairly big stars. That was definitely great to hear and a positive boost for our efforts. At the same time, being a low budget film, we aren't in a position to cast some multi-million dollar actor, so I don't know if we can cast those major players. Who knows? Maybe, we will have one major star. I can't say anything for sure yet. Anything is possible.

In the world of writing and reading, I am now going through Moby Dick. I plan to read it this week. So far it's hard to understand. I can't seem to get the voice right in my head--the rhythms are off for me. That's why I hate reading things that are dated; I lose my place trying to figure out the voice, and have to start over. Anyway, I am hoping to read the Dick and six or seven other books by May. The plan is that this will help me get in a good position to take the GRE in Literature exam, or, at the very least, be able to see if I want to take it. Is there some specific area I would want to study if I did a PhD? Right now, my only interest is Nabokov. He is a very exciting writer for me. I also like Nathaniel Hawthorne. Who knows? Maybe they will be the authors I decide to study for a couple years. No idea. Maybe I will just make movies and television. I have no idea. I wouldn't mind writing a novel this year though.

I am now off to celebrate Sogee's birthday...

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Happy Birthday, So Gee!